About Us

At Metal Avenue, our vision is to become the premier metal solutions provider. By continually developing, sharing and implementing best practice, our employees are able to advance sales growth and operate with integrity.

Our vast catalogue of products isn’t everything – safety, professionalism and world-class service are at the core of our values. At Metal Avenue, we are working constantly to go above and beyond customer expectations by recognizing the value in establishing a workplace with integrity.


To be the premier metal solutions provider in our chosen markets delivering convenience, variety and fast service.


Metal Avenue will fulfill its vision by providing quality products and superior services that add value to our customers.  Stakeholder value will be created through managing, increasing and improving Metal Avenues’

  • Brand
  • Business Model
  • Technology
  • System


At Metal Avenue, we believe in:

  • Providing world class customer service
  • Maximizing sales and business unit growth
  • An engaged, trusting and mutually profitable relationship between franchisee and franchisor
  • Continually improving, sharing and implementing the System
  • Operating in a safe environment